Saturday, January 5, 2013

Memorable Meals: Journeyman-May 2012

This is primarily a cooking blog, but I've decided to start a new feature I will call "Memorable Meals." This will feature the occasional amazing meal I encounter at the many wonderful restaurants here in the greater Boston area.

Our inaugural post features Journeyman Restaurant in Somerville, MA. Initially, the back alley entrance and low curbside profile kept this Somerville's best kept secret, but Journeyman has fast become a foodie Mecca with critical acclaim from a wide variety of sources. The food is prepared so expertly that even the most timid eater will want to step outside the box of culinary convention. The menu changes weekly, so if you are of the "variety is the spice of life" mindset, you will love this place.

We chose the 5 course menu with pairings, which exists in both a vegetarian and omnivore version. A party of two is ideal here, especially if you are both omnivores. I went with the vegetarian version, but found that the staff was flexible in allowing substitutions from the omnivore version.  The menu follows:

ASPARAGUS with soy, century egg
SQUID with fennel, roe (omnivore)
PEA with mint, wheat (vegetarian)
MACKEREL with black bean, rhubarb (omnivore)
EGG with spring vegetables, smoke (vegetarian)
  • paired with a Petite Arvine
We chose to substitute a shared plate for the final course (VEAL/CHEVRE), so we had (at an additional cost), DUCK TWO WAYS with seasonal vegetables paired with Domaine L'Idyll Arbin Mondeuse Noir

Finally, for dessert, BABA AU RHUM, one prepared with absinthe and almond, the other with chocolate and tobacco.  The latter was probably one of the best desserts I have ever encountered. This was paired with a lovely Quinto do infantado Ruby porto

I will try to feature a bit more descriptive commentary about each dish in the near future. Many thanks to our server who humored me when I asked for a copy of the menu and further obliged me by writing down the names of all the wines.